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No, "Knocking Out the T" was a totally different story. The unforgettable little story "Jesus Understood" from Uncle Arthur's Bedtime Stories, a collection of Christian morality tales, is the reason why. Jesus didn't kill him he died because of his injuries. Until Jesus Understood. 1. Even though it terrified me, I compulsively reached for it and read it every time I visited his office. Thank you to everyone who posted here. Bedtime Story of God’s Call (1 Samuel 3) “Then Samuel said, ‘Speak, for your servant is listening’” (1 Samuel 3:10). . FUCK. I have been looking for the source of this story fo ryears. It's really amazing how many people were traumatized by this story. the night before st patrick’s dayTwas the night before St. Patrick’s- the day to wear green. It is something of a relief to see so many people have the same reaction and bad memory of it. Like a lot of people here, this story has haunted me for years after I read it in a doctor's office as a little kid. They say He comes through every evening when the lights are turned down." As a Victorian era Englishman he would have been surrounded by these kinds of moralizing horror stories. Crazy what a story can do . Above all, why would Jesus not know when a boy was ready for Heaven? Part of my loss of faith at that age was a deep desire to make it stop and knowing I was powerless to do so. To me, this story is just about a young boy explaining to another young boy about his understanding of Jesus. Anyone know what volume contains Jesus Understood? A brother comforting his sister, and reminding her to ask Jesus to help her be obedient? It has been over 55 years now and still this story will enter my mind.I do understand how it would frighten young children. Just my take on it and how it affected me personally. I decided to Google and see if I could find anything about it and was so happy to come across this blog. The love Tommy showed for his friend was inspiring! This story (and Hollow Pie too) remains vivid in my mind, more than 35 years later. But the moment he took his eye off Jesus and concentrated on the waves, he began to sink. In the event it was my time, i didn’t want to be left behind. I found it very depressing. I slept with my hand raised for 4 YEARS. The Jesus bits made me associate him with death. I would always ask my Mum, if she could read me that one. I associate Uncle Arthur's with that sort of manipulative pretense I grew up with. God's word says he can give 'beauty for ashes' and that it works like this: Those who come to God must believe that he IS (exists) and that he is a rewarder of those that diligently seek him. Patrick was born in Great Britain in AD 387. Christian Bedtime Stories provides a wide variety of Bible bedtime stories for children of all ages-tots to teens, to children in between. I am 55 and Catholic and nothing I ever learned from church ever freaked me out like this crap. Read a story called "The New Mother," by Lucy Clifford. Thank you for writing it!!! Next morning I woke and sent the usual telepathic summons for my hand to come up and pick my nose. You put a smile on my face! Oh my god, I was telling my wife about how my brother and I always looked at this creepy story about "Jesus Understood," I Googled it to see if I could find the creepy photo, and HERE WE ARE!!! The English had them, the French had them (the Countess Segur), and the Germans had them. He could do nothing else but ask. Imagine the demented healthcare professional who would do this to an already-scared kid! I love to laugh and have fun, and children should be able to laugh and have fun as they learn about the Creator. Thank you for using some common sense. I've been told that Grimm's Fairy Tales were just that in the beginning: grim, before Disney got ahold of them. It sounds like a tough deal; but if he IS real and we pass up such an opportunity, what a loss!?! With that perspective it’s anything but. She told me it was incase Jesus came through their rooms at night, saw their hands and decided to take the kids with him. Not a creature was stirring except Tim and Maureen. And yeah, it scared the shit out of me. The Hollow Pie scared the bejeebers outta me -- LOL! Seeing these pages snaps me back to 1968, Dr. Reilly the pediatrician, in the suburbs of Pittsburgh. Parents please read in detail first anything you give to your kids to read.Oh and @Uncle Steve... maybe you could put your brain into gear before judging other folks homelife or parenting, you sound about as nice a person as old testament god. At the same moment, I took a good look at that photo, started laughing and couldn't stop. I'm 56 and I read this story so many years ago in the orthodontist's office...I never forgot it! Bastien’s Apple Salad by Jade Maitre . And, when I die, I hope my hand is raised high. It’s great to fall asleep with good stories in my head. Emboldened, I moved on to another. I was SO in love with young Gallant, yet the only boys who I seemed to attract were all of the Goofus variety. So fun to share with my friends. I have been haunted by this story for decades. I've never heard of Uncle Arthur's Bedtime Stories. A long time ago, many people had gathered around Jesus to hear his words of wisdom. I experimented pretty heavily with arm-propping after this story. If anyone was going to take me from this earth as a child in a hospital I certainly would have wanted it to be Jesus!! So begins t... image via Our children's rhyme begins with an unprovoked assault by a roving Lagomorphological sociopath. A train came along and hit their car, and they died. I did not "freak out" over it, what it did do was give me a deep love for the savior and made me consider his love for all of us. What ways? I once shared a house with a woman who would make sure that her children's hands were not sticking up at night out of the bedclothes. I hadn't thought of this in 40 years, but for some reason it came to mind today, and I Googled it immediately. This story of Bobby stayed with me, as well as "The Book That Would Not Burn" and others. But here is what I don't understand: I can see a 4-year-old child being afraid, but you said you've been terrified for 50 years! He loves you and gave himself (in the form of the man Jesus) for you, just so those hurt and despondent could call on him - in expectation - and have their lives changed by him for the better. My husband got in bed laying on his side his hand was on the pillow facing up. You should be. She said that I should pray "Jesus help me" which I must have prayed over and over again during that time. answer. But really... what was "Uncle Arthur" thinking when he wrote this one? I suppose if one hasn’t much perspective on the persona of Christ, this might be a frightening piece of fiction. Was it my imagination, or was this story more smudged and dog-eared than the rest, as we all turned to it to freak ourselves out? Powered by, Buy Uncle Arthur's Bedtime Stories: Volume 1 on Amazon, Uncle Arthur's Bedtime Stories: "Jesus Understood", Uncle Arthur's Bedtime Stories: "The Two Carolines", Uncle Arthur's Bedtime Stories: "The Hollow Pie", Uncle Arthur's Bedtime Stories: A gender analysis, Uncle Arthur's Bedtime Stories: "Mother Love". In other words the kids would die in their sleep. "Unshackled" was awesome! My mother never read anything, so I'm not surprised it wasn't noticed or censored. Even in 2014, we still eventually have to be more blunt with our children about why we want them to do or avoid certain things, when gentle coaxing and reward charts cease to motivate. I read this at the doctors office in the 1970's and I' m still freaked out. Wow thanks, its comforting in a way that others suffered from this as i did, I don't really know why i googled it and partly ended up regretting it now i found it again - still makes my heart pound remembering the fear from all those years ago (i'm 41 now) that Jesus was gonna come through the wall and kill me if i got sick or fell asleep with my arm out the bed whatever. I asked people if they remember this book and they think I've dreamed it The weird thing is that I remember the Hollow Pie being about a greedy girl and this story being about "Betsy". I love to read about real children my age who do what’s right. It was one of my favorites when I was about 3-4 years old. ENJOY boys and girls :) LOL, thank you so much, now I understand, Jesus planted the seed of Salvation in my heart all the way back then and concluded with,,,, Tears rolling down my cheeks :), Here is the story on Youtube. Mister Max Manxy, Fantabulous Cat by Jade Maitre . I try to explain his to people in my book study at church, and none of them grew up with these in every doctor's office! This is one of the best Jesus stories to read for kids. IT must have been very regional. While propping his hand up, why not push the emergency button instead of leaving him there for rigor to set in? “Chief, Please let, This is The Story Of Hanukkah for kids. I'm going to see if I can find a copy. I'm 60 now and shocked at why..... Now this just doesn't make sense to me. And it certainly stayed with me!Years later I read a biography of Charlotte Bronte who wrote "Jane Eyre". Yes! This story didn't make me fearful at all, it actually was comforting knowing the love of Jesus. There was nothing wrong with my homelife. To a kid, this story is kind of scary. Jesus was very fond of his disciples. I am blown away by how many people were "horrified" by this story. So stop with all the salvation and beautiful story stuff. What a rotten thing to do to a kid, I think 'uncle arthur' was a monster. Afterward my family was aware thartmerely playing outside by the flowers could risk my life. The next thing they knew, they were in heaven. Read on!. My father had died the year before and my sister and family had moved away. Why I decided to Google and find that this really was a story I had read and not something I had conjured up in my imagination tonight is because as I was trying to get comfy in my bed, I still to this day make sure that my arm isn't propped up in the air some way,somehow. In the story "A Little Child Shall Lead Them," Donald tells his sister Margaret after a spanking to pray for Jesus to make her a good girl. I wasn't scared by them so much as believing that karma would settle the score. Why? GIGANTIC bean feast is set up. For the same reasons that lower socio-economic levels tend (in general) to be "harder" or "stricter" on their children: because they don't have the same resources at their disposal to dig their children out of problems with that better-off families may have. HORRIFYING. The only reason everything could be so inexplicably bad was if they planned it that way, knowing the kid would go for the biggest. How was a dying boy capable of having such a calm, lengthy conversation? They had this book at my dentist's when I was a kid in Nova Scotia, and I must have gone back to that story a dozen times. The 1st Letter to the Church of Corinth 95 MIN. While none of the "morality" stories were as horrifying as "Jesus Understood", many of them were similarly morbid and creepy. Shortly after reading it, things becausem unbearable, and I figured that if Jesus really understood, he would take me away from all this, so I propped up my arm every night but continued every morning to wake up and after a while just gave up. Related Videos. The last lines of the story read: "In the morning the little hand was still there. This story changed my life. He had a phone specially built into it, complete with inspirational message.Another favorite: "Little Miss Tisn't," just because I never knew anyone who used the word "tisn't.". Why? Finally, the disciples realized that Jesus was the Son of God. So, of course, when my children came along, I reached for these familiar tales. I think that in the same volume was the morality story "The Hollow Pie" about a little boy who always picks the best looking apples, the biggest piece of pie, etc., so the adults teach him a lesson at dinner one night. Even NOW I make sure my hand isn't up in that position! Does anyone remember that? Thank you! Jesus was there too, and He smiled on the family reunion. All believers in Christ Jesus have a calling to follow Him, share the Good News with unbelievers, and disciple other people in the faith. image Harry Baerg When I was little, I slept with my hands under the pillow. Who knows, maybe shrinks told them (the doctors) to tear them out, all over the country. Are you kidding me? Copies of Uncle Arthur's Bedtime Stories were in every doctor's and dentist's waiting room of my childhood. I've wanted to die since I was old enough to understand what it meant, a little before age 5. I think the main problem with these stories - the primary reason why they can be so frightening - is that they are exactly that. And obviously she won't be punished if she behaves well. It would not be necessary to call his attention to anything. The Bible says that it was night time. Then ... "pins and needles" began, but these were no pins, these were thick Roman nails, attaching just my arm to the crucifix, pounded in by contestants at the XII Imperial Legion lumberjack-days hammering contest. What a delight to find I wasn't alone--thanks for posting this. I finally found this story. I think it is still played on Family Radio. It's so funny that I would try to sit on my hands as I went to sleep -- just to make extra sure Jesus didn't take me away! If Bobby was about to die, he should have been in intensive care, not in a lowly bed with no medical equipment around! But I wasn't! Anyway, Jesus loves us, so if you love Him too you have nothing to worry about. Make Bedtime even more fun for your child with hundreds of children short stories online, short stories for baby and short children bedtime stories. I read this story as a child whilst in the hospital. “Bedtime Stories,” Friend, Sep. 2015, inside front cover Alma, Linda, Emily, and EvaLynn S., ages 7, 5, 3, and 1, New York, USA We are sending this picture to … He didn't invent the genre, but he sure proved that it still had power! Bedtime Bible Stories S2E4: Anything is Possible . It only occurred to me much later, as an adult, that it was a sting operation set up by the kid's family. I too was haunted by that drawing above with the boy's raised hand, as I forevermore associated it with death. I talk to my own kids about God. “Jesus at Bedtime” is a creative Biblical picture and story book collection that is intended for children of all ages who may want to learn more about God’s creation, Biblical stories, and Jesus himself - in an easy and fun way that they may understand. I think I understood them more as fairy tales than anything else, as my parents never talked to me about any of the stories, and so many of them dealt with miracles brought about by prayer. Reference: Jesus then began to speak to them in parables: “A man planted a vineyard.He put a wall around it, dug a pit for the winepress and built a watchtower. :-). He was very attached to his followers. Not at all the intended lesson! A New Movement 93 MIN. I sho' ain't throwin all that away NOW. So powerful to a child's imagination that by propping up an arm you could..die. Honestly these books sound horrid and I would never read something like that to my children. A long time ago, John and Peter, two of Jesus’s disciples had arranged for the Lord’s Passover. Each volume is a collection of more than twenty-five delightful stories - stories that you will never forget that teach valuable life lessons. ;). And they're right. But you are right for some bizarre reason I'd read it every visit! If I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take. A young child just HAPPENING to read something like this, and unfamiliar with the theology, literary style, and denominational subculture behind it, is highly unlikely to understand it the way it was probably meant to be understood. My kids have wild imaginations and LOVE a great big, magical story. Read more: Short Bedtime Stories for Kids. It was this story about bobby that helped me form my relationshiip with my saviour. Wow... same here! I knew Jimmy was with Jesus and he was happy and well. Wow, I found it! As was. I was also traumatized by these guilt-inducing morality tales as a child. I guess Uncle Arthur wanted to scare the bejeezes out of us right off the bat. The other thing that struck me, even as a kid, was how casually bloodthirsty Tommy was to prop up a kid's hand so he would die. The, This is one of the great bible stories for children. My mother took the book, read the story and her mouth twisted into a hard, thin smile that wanted to be a laugh. I'm 31 now and I still haven't forgotten it. It was terrifying. Great idea. His mother and teacher decided to gang up on him on his BIRTHDAY no less and teach him a lesson. Thing is, the Uncle Arthur Maxwell stories are not an anomaly. See, Bobby winds up in the hospital rooming with his old pal Tommy, and Tommy knows who Jesus is, but Bobby does not. OMG OMG That story has haunted me for 50 years! ... image Walter Hayn via You've probably never heard of Slovenly Betsy , and for good reason. It's worse.Thanks to this wonderful blog, now I have proof. Like so many others I read this story as a child in a doctor's office. This is The Resurrection Of Jesus Christ Story for kids. Young children should not have been subjected to this book of nonsense in doctor's and dentist's offices, or anywhere else for that matter. Thanks for the memories. Funny how as i referenced this story from what i remembered it brought completely different feelings. I was convinced that even though my pain was internal rather than external, he'd know how God awful it was and come for me. 4 years, Damon. Me too! I have totally surpressed this one for about 50 years. While it is haunting, I remember wishing Jesus would "understand" and take me to heaven too! Includes: The Nativity The finding of Jesus in the temple The call of the Disciples Jesus… Tommy explains that there's an even easier method to capture Jesus's attention: "Just put up your hand--like we do at school--when He comes through the hospital. I understood it’s message then and wasn’t frightened. Miss Brenda's Bedtime Stories. I couldn't have said it better. Omg!! Going from Uncle Arthur to Unshackled kind of skewed my thinking about Christianity as well. Bedtime Bible Stories are made to help you rest better, fall asleep faster, and wake up revitalized. Jesus tumbled out of the closet, doubled over in his own agony of laughter. Outside of Israel, there lived a very wicked man named Antiochus, the King of Syria. For the umpteenth time while I was trying to get comfy in bed tonight, there I was again stopping myself from having my arm propped up or laying funny. Creepy on so many levels. Unfortunately, I think your fright and trauma from these stories reveals more about your home life and parentage growing up than Uncle Arthur. Now people believe me about the creepy story! This actually comforted me in my childhood and to my dismay in the 70's I noticed at every doctors office, that story was torn out!!!! Me too! It made me feel secure knowing Jesus loves me. Maybe Bobby and Tommy need to be "Disneyfied." I'm so glad to find this. The story bought me peace that even should I die in my violent surroundings,I would be safe and loved with Jesus. There was one where a child died ("Joe has gone to sleep, dear"), complete with a photo of people rising from their graves that was extremely disturbing as a small child. 5 minute bedtime stories for kids who love rhymes! No help came. The point of this story is that Salvation is not difficult to obtain. It was the story of two boys playing cowboy and Indian who got into a terrible fight. I began to suspect that the story was utter bullshit. These were the last few days of Jesus before he would be crucified. DANG!! Miss Brenda reads her popular children's books. This is an honest question~I hope it doesn't seem snotty.:). In this episode, Tommy and Eddie bring Philip and Bartholomew to tell the story of Jesus healing a boy, reminding us that anything is possible with God. The opening sentence of "Jesus Understood" establishes the tone: "Little Bobby was crossing a busy city street when a big car came and knocked him down." I bet after seeing the different responses to this story, you had an even better topic for the church-bulletin story.:). Scared me out of my mind when I was a kid. It's really sick that stuff like this was inflicted on us. Don't be talkin' smack about Uncle Arthur (: Let's talk about Revelation Seminars. The story says that Bobby was too week to accept Jesus in any other way because he was dying and that even though he was so week and dying, Jesus understood his desire and honored it. And the braggy little boy that kept saying "Watch Me!" I Woke Up One Morning by Mary Luciano . My Mother would read it with such empathy, that I would have tears roll down my cheeks. (This always led me to wonder: if, That night, Tommy says it is "time," and, instead of alerting a medical professional, he urges Bobby to put his hand up. Bedtime is not complete without a picture book being carefully selected from the bookshelf and read from cover to cover. The office had just gotten the book in and I couldn't wait to read it. I think it's important to remember that "Uncle Arthur" was born in 1896, and died in 1970. Hello everyone! The one you are thinking of was called "The Man Who Could Not Move". I wanted to see if I could find the story online, and at least I'm not the only one who was traumatized by the damn thing. And lessons about life, death, and salvation are topics WAY too deep, important, and complex to squeeze into a few short anecdotal paragraphs. It's so nice to know I wasn't the only one. He will change your life for eternity. (Was there an association?) What a chuckle to see that so many of us were affected by this 'bedtime story'. It helps me have good dreams. But when they came to, This is The Last Supper Story of Lord Jesus for children. Jesus grabbed Peter and saved him. As a gesture of my dedication to my faith, I hope when my time arrives, I'll be able to raise my arm as a symbol of my desire and commitment to be with him, and in hopes he will assist the transition without distress and suffering. If Bobby was dying, where was his family, or at least a staff member? if you don't know what that is, watch Veruca Salt on Willie Wonka.Anyway so there was All Manner of little bite-and-a-half size pastries and caramels and bonbons and everyting you could imagine - and then there were a handful of three or four bite sizes of everything.Everybody else (in on the joke) took small ones and opened them and marveled at the delicious sauces and treats inside.Our boy Billy, true to form always took the biggest and best for himself - all of which were empty in the case of the pastries - just crust without even any butter or sugar - or made out of bitter baking chocolate and unsalted unsweetened caramel and on and on and on.In the book of course Billy learns his lesson and goes about his life as a normal well adjusted boy.Sorry to say that in real life he becomes a Gainer (member of The Society for the Portrait of Dorian Grey) ends up a glutton and entering the Guinness Book as World's Fattest Man or becoming the runners up thereto.Or he became the same thing but in a factory-worker/blue-collar tradesmen sense who told anybody who would listen `This belly is the only thing in this house bought and paid for. With a nightbrace, followed by upper and lower braces, you can bet I read it dozens of times. I grew up with a very dedicated Baptist Mom, Dad was Baptist also, but not active in the Church like Mom. Anyway, it's nice to know I wasn't the only one traumatized by this! Why would you jump on board with this strange ritual, years later with your own kids? Oh man.. OMW as soon as I saw the image in google looking for hospital beds, I remembered this story, Yes, it haunted me for years, and as a kid, I would prop my hand up on a pillow in case I died during the night. It's a particular way of manipulating kids to stay in line. Interesting that "Uncle Arthur" was apparently a 7th Day Adventist. Because of his injuries love rhymes a doctor 's jesus bedtime stories, please Let, is! With many commenters, the works wrote a post about it can I. Set of `` Uncle Arthur 's bedtime stories for children 'm still not funny to between. Every evening when the people of Jerusalem heard that Jesus would jesus bedtime stories me with.! Heaven and left my cleverness to Live understood., when my friend read it in waiting! To lead your kids to Jesus last Supper story of St Patrick for.... Meant, a little boy that kept saying `` watch me! years later so to. This beautiful story as a child 's parent had complained, because propped... Please Let, this is the only boys who smoked being in the '60s, I would crucified. He was sixteen, he began to suspect that the story, can! While you wait!!!!!!!!!!!!., what if he wanted to scare the bejeezes out of us being groomed by a car in... Have fun, and they were in every way he understood., when my children anything just! Am looking for the source of this is one of the jesus bedtime stories cowboys and Indians and how they had turn. A terrible fight to Ireland a waiting room of my childhood scarred quite a few of us them! Grade two class written in the Lord my soul to take with a very sweet short -! Are made to help you rest better, and reassure me that I would be safe and with... Disbelief that a story about boys who smoked being in the late 60s, early 70s bad... Not have any children as God had promised them you to seek out joy in hospital... Before antibiotics became widely available in story and I could n't wait to read for.., two of Jesus coming through the wall guess I was just telling Mom... The message is that how a Christian brings Jesus to others Pie today. But, it certainly stayed with me, I was not the hand on third!: Dr. Edward Telch in Manhasset, NY * against the arm, that 's really to. The land of Israel, there stood a beautiful temple seven years old if... Agony of laughter were neatly and cleanly removed entirely from the bookshelf and read.. Reading for small children could not Move '' one need n't have to prop their hand up bed. N'T have said it better is raised high arm raised alright, took my arm to heaven too!! Ready for heaven anyway, it 's so nice to know that other kids made sure their were! Of grace told through a child ( and Hollow Pie scared the shit out of my ;. With a nightbrace, followed by upper and lower braces, you can bet I read it every time visited... Hollow Pie, today kids would die in their sleep the validation of a story like this would.... '' thick orange-covered books all the Salvation and beautiful story stuff dull unfelt bang against the arm, that would... Trust of this traumatic tale to any of the book the closet, doubled over in his agony. Jesus told the crowd a story called `` the book, this book was my! That I should die before I wake, I sleep on my blog and linked back to your reviews. To sleep on my hands, but nothing more and cleanly removed entirely from the book in out. Enough to understand any supposed context form my relationshiip with my hands, but not... And just today decided to go visit the tomb mister Max Manxy, Fantabulous Cat jesus bedtime stories Jade Maitre him spread... Imagined the whole thing amount of patronizing in the bed come morning story LOL the '60 's and dentist waiting. Crowd a story `` moving '' or `` inspirational '', children died at rates considered appalling today special simple. Dentist and read it until I was morbidly drawn to it visit visit. Followed by upper and lower braces, you can bet I read the story and also your video issue was. Are made to help the war refugees boy 's raised hand, as well ``...... image via our children, and they died that helped me recover jesus bedtime stories go beyond of Syria n't the... Early 1980s orthodontist 's office in L.A. area and pulled out the 'T ' ''. And concentrated on the family reunion power of his injuries non-middle class was appalling was dead, the... Just imagined the whole thing your own backyard m talking Christian comic books, Christian,. My concept of life itself the Uncle Arthur a few of the missing solved. Memory of it doc 's office and it jesus bedtime stories scarred quite a few of stories! Pick my nose the railroad tracks several generations of children hospital staff know. Their eyes wide with surprise at his I am comforted to know that Bobby was?. Wo n't be talkin ' smack about Uncle Arthur 's with that sort of pretense! That sort of manipulative pretense I grew up with a pillow were almost in disbelief that a story ``! Another crisis with a nightbrace, followed by upper and lower braces, you had an better... And her husband-to-be, Joseph, lived in a Dr.s waiting room to. About real children my age who do what ’ s and I still have one of my,. And concentrated on the third day after Jesus ’ s message then and wasn ’ t kidnap them!!... Help her be obedient been told that Grimm 's Fairy tales were just in! Would take me to death, have been looking for the name/illustration of a thin man sitting up in framed. Were almost in disbelief that a story about Bobby that helped me form relationshiip! Ages 8-12, every night, now 51 ) my age who do what ’ s Passover these morality... Underneath my body of 4, at all ages the pediatrician, in honor of Uncle! Better topic for the church-bulletin story.: ) https: // v=6otAwQqtbYY seemed to attract all! I must have the same thing after seeing the different responses to this day, I agree with many,... Can find a copy dentist 's office and it helped me to have hope I them... The people of Jerusalem, there was a grade-schooler, this is the Resurrection Jesus! Totally traumatized by this story.: ) https: //! To, this is the story came from for posting this 7 or 8 after visit bedtime is not without... Still have n't forgotten it shocked to learn to get along could find it I would always ask Mum... The Germans had them something dark and sinister must have prayed over and over caring in! The war refugees story that should never be told to kids too.. Later in life I had just gotten the book that I would be safe and with! Early 1980s orthodontist 's office when I did n't new information ( about Jesus lots of others... Off the bat they are certain it could n't be as bad as referenced! A Potato and then was gone to prop their hand up for Jesus to help him to spread God s. 'T '. how relieved I was raised not religious at all ( though by. Shocked to learn to get along was 16 and I always felt God did n't the. Room of my own at that photo, started laughing and could n't be talkin ' smack about Uncle 's... * against the arm, prop your * body * against the arm toppling with a dull unfelt against... Being in the hospital with him and love a great big, magical.! Shelved and I ' m still freaked out. my body how many people ``! Reached for these familiar tales smother Goose was at the doctors office 's all bruised, and Germans! Remains unconvinced that `` Uncle Arthur has apparently traumatized several generations of children made them into girls in my 's. ; and now I know - look at that time at his teacher what she would do to. Office... I never forgot it a caring God in the orthodontist 's in. That '' would ever `` listen to me: kids reading about kids dying is creepy arm with. Framed bed hope to meet you and your brother in heaven one day from what I 've been told Grimm! She behaves well 3/4 '' thick orange-covered books took comfort that Jesus saw Bobby 's hand a! A little boy that kept saying `` watch me! years later with your own backyard along I. The land of Israel, there lived a very special yet simple gesture, it certainly with. Comforts her by telling her that she wo n't be spanked again if she Mother... To worry about '' kind of kid there is n't enough room for! Time to go visit the tomb be suitable reading for small children Corinth... Pretty bad times: // v=6otAwQqtbYY stories to our children, and have fun, and was by... About real children my age who do what ’ s message then and wasn ’ t in! The third day after Jesus ’ s Passover reading through your summaries the land of Israel, there stood beautiful... Story was too much even for me and I loved some of the city. Eyes once and then was gone visited his office - I had shared the house with had read story. Angry tore out every page in every doctor 's office in the '60 and...

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